Santa Barbara

Overview of Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara MissionThe lovely city of Santa Barbara is a sunny coastal city also called the "American Riviera." It is about two to three hours away from Los Angeles. We love it because it is a big town with a small town feel. With the ocean in front of us and the mountains behind us, it is a haven for people who love the outdoors. All-year-round, there are places to hike, surf, dive, and bike. It is also a very tight-knit community. Reputation is important here, not because people are snobby, but because people who love the town want to keep it friendly for everyone. If they love a restaurant or a place, they will continue to return for forty years. Cold, impersonal, business does not work here, however. People want to make friends and find out your values and goals in life. We find that the richest people in Montecito go surfing early in the morning just like the 16-year-old kids, and then they stop in for dinner at a fine dining restaurant still wearing their t-shirts and board shorts, and that's acceptable in this town. It is definitely a dog-friendly community. There are many beautiful parks that either used to part of old estates or were donated by local families to the community.

Santa BarbaraThose who like the life of the city can head toward downtown Santa Barbara, also our old town, which features Spanish-style architecture and mosaic tiles, and a wonderful variety of shops and restaurants. Since we are nestled between the agricultural communities of Ventura County and Wine Country further north, we have a great selection of fresh produce, seafood, and California wines. Santa Barbara is lacking, however, in Asian food, as there is not a large Asian community here. Most common are sushi restaurants, a few good Thai places, two decent Chinese restaurants, and a small handful of Indian places. Closer to the ocean are the many bars and clubs, though they're not really our kind of hang-out.

Santa Barbara CourthouseAlong State Street is also much of the culture of the city. Santa Barbara's small theatres, such as the Lobero theatre or the Arlington, which features lectures from economists, political analysts, scientists, writers, journalists, and many others. Musicians from symphonic orchestras, jazz trios, to folk singers perform here, and many big bands have gotten their start here. Plenty of dancing is available; many restaurants have nights for salsa, Argentine tango, swing, and ballroom. Dance companies who have come through town also include the Lyons Opera Ballet and the Georgia State Ballet. Many of these great programmes are available thanks to the UCSB Arts and Lectures Ticket Office's commitment to providing the community with a variety of mentally stimulating events.

Travel Information

As you may know, Chris and Elizabeth are both registered travel agents! We have contacts with many airlines, hotels, and consolidators to help you find better deals without sacrificing quality. Please give us the opportunity to help you find your way here affordably. We do not want you to miss our wedding due to finances or travel-related obstacles. Contact either of us even if you just need better directions or advice on the best options here in town, or for lodgings in nearby cities.

Available to the left under Santa Barbara Map / Guide is a list of dining, places to visit, attractions, and lodgings by price point. We've excluded places with poor or inconsistent service, though "budget" hotels, such as the Motel 6 on State Street and the Super 8 in Goleta are also available, but we would rather not have our guests stay there if possible.

If you're staying for a a week and willing to share a house together, vacation rentals end up to be better value for money than hotel rooms. Ex: an 8-bedroom, 6-bathroom house on Shoreline on the Mesa (right by the beach) house that sleeps 14-16 goes for $5900 per week in the summer - that's $52.67 per person per night (much better than the standard summer double-occupancy $110 Super 8/Motel 6 room - $55 per person per night). There are also rentals that sleep 8-10 that go for $3495/week in the summer - about $50 per person per night.

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