Growing up

It has been a while since I’ve posted here! I suppose growing up isn’t a stage to get to but is just something that happens, naturally, unless we willfully stop the process. This is a new year, however — actually almost exactly four years since my last update — and I’ve grown up quite a bit. In the first year of marriage and living in San Diego, I discovered, more so than ever, that physical space was very important to me. More than just mental space, the physical space allowed me to get away from things when I needed a break, freed me from visual and noise distractions, but also allowed me room to be creative, generous, and kind. Without it, even Chris suffered from any¬† small-but-building frustration I had, because it seemed as if he was always trying to be in my way.

After a year’s lease in our tiny apartment, we moved to renting out a two story house in Little Italy. At about that point, I also started entertaining – Chinese New Years, Thanksgivings, Christmas. The love of friends and their company filled our home with extra warmth. It was within walking distance of plenty of great food and all the music in Gaslamp.

Now, in our third home here, the second to be named “The Beehive,” we have a house, a large yard, and backyard chickens. We also celebrated five years of marriage. We’re still here. There’s a part in me that still aches at not having children (yet), but I know the time for that will come as well.

Chris moved up from a variety of restaurant and management positions, gained a wealth of knowledge as a sommelier, and then left the industry entirely to accept a position at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management as a financial adviser. And I learned, slowly, through the years of consulting and freelancing and the expertise I developed, that this wasn’t temporary — I have talent, I am worth a lot, and I have, (surprise!) joy doing this work.

There’s a big world out there, and we grow to learn our place in it, each day, as we grow in faith and grow in love for one another.