Life Decisions

The time has finally come about that instead of finding places online that we should look into buying, now we actually go out and look at them with the agent and debate if they are big enough or if we can make it work somehow with our budget.  That being the case it makes me feel more like I’m not just wasting time or thinking about possibly making a move into real estate, I now have taken the first step, and that is usually the hardest one to take.  Those of you who know me, know that I am really into investing in projects (mostly houses and boats), but most probably don’t know that my original goal with all of it is buy a house in Santa Barbara.  That dream is one step closer now that the market was kind enough to drop a little, because of it we may actually have the chance to get one.

Another goal that I have been looking at for a long time was getting into the business of real estate.  This has been one of my life goals that, since I was a boy, have been working toward.  Now I feel as though it is time for me to start my career and that it would be in the best interest of my family to do so as soon as possible.  This being the case I have resolved to take the real estate license exam in April or May in an attempt to get my license to sell real estate whether it be residential or commercial.  I have to say that planning for the wedding is probably somewhat responsible for this change in mind set because now I have to look at how it is best to take care of my loved ones.


Can Miss Etiquette help me plan?

Just when I feel like I’ve been running around trying to organise and plan everything on my own, the boy chips in and brings me a copy of The Santa Barbara Independent, which happened to be the “wedding issue!” He also offered input about beverage, champagne/sparkling wine, wine, and beer selection, on which we will have to do more research and milk our restaurant, local vendors, and distributor connections. I was also quite happy to find a few more resources on local caterers that I hadn’t been able to find online and submit RFPs to them. Even still, I’m realising the little politics of things such as where to seat people (ideally, everyone I know should get along!) and whom I don’t invite, even though they’re a friend of a friend and one of my closer acquaintances as well, just because I want to keep it limited. We’ve stuck with close friends or those we’ve known for a little while but connect with very deeply and know that our friendship will only continue to grow. It’s been hard for me to decide not to invite certain people because even though we’re on very good terms, and when we do see each other, we get along very well, the fact is we’ve always been comfortable with not making the effort to keep in touch and with not getting to know each other deeply. I want those at our wedding to have a strong sense of the significance of the moment, not just in general, but to us personally. Our guest list is already at 100 people, but I can’t seem to send out “save the date” announcements without somebody else asking if they’re invited. What would Miss Etiquette say about that?

I am also still waiting to hear from Joy about wedding coordination. To save money, I’m doing most of the planning, but on the day-of, I definitely want somebody there to whom all questions and issues of procedure will be directed. Our first meeting went fabulously, and she seemed to understand our financial restrictions but also offered wonderful ideas about what we’d need. I connected well, which was a great first sign, and she had also worked under another well-known event planner, so she understands the industry. However, she has been busy lately, so until she gets in contact with me again, we are still without coordinator, caterer, photographer, and such.

Today (or yesterday, at this point!), we also contacted the real estate agent again to look at some homes we’d gotten off MLS and the listings he’d printed up for us a few weeks ago. The real estate drop has been a break for us, since we may actually be able to afford a better Santa Barbara home now, but it is by no means easy. We have to arrange another meeting to look at the rest of the houses, condos, and townhouses, and then visit several financial institutions to try to get pre-approved for a loan (just to see how much we could possibly get). Please pray for us, it is definitely needed!

God bless, hugs and kisses.

Lots of Love,
><> Elizabeth <><