Phew! Finally set up the journal!

After some tweaking, I’ve finally set up the journal section of this site! Thank goodness! I had originally, rather stubbornly, kept trying to tweak it to direct to “journal.php,” switching over to MovableType until I realised how silly I was being – trying to to implement CGI-based software on my already PHP-based site. So I switched back, relented with the use of the “/journal/” subdirectory, and everything has been running smoothly since!

As of this moment, I have already bought silk flowers for the bouquets, corsages, and boutonnières, bought paper for and designed the layout of the invitations, gotten about 80% of the guest list worked out, and done most of my budgeting. The depressing thing? This is still not going to be that affordable. A few friends have contributed to the registry, which is a BIG help in getting money together. I guess we just have to save, save, save!

God bless, hugs and kisses.

Lots of Love,
><> Elizabeth <><