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Christopher James Kilrain • American • Irish • Blackfoot • Atlanta • Santa Barbara • San Diego • finance • business • management

chris at koinoniaoflife dot com // (805) 451-4675

He says:

We met through circumstance. Nothing in particular set it apart from how I would normally meet a person. However, I must admit that it was a bit different the first time I actually got to paying attention to her. The first time that I actually got to paying attention to her, there was what seemed to be a bright red neon sign in the shape of an arrow pointing at her. This being the first time I had ever experienced anything like this, my first reaction was, “Please God not an Asian girl.” I know that’s not the reaction that most would look for when it comes to a love story, but that’s how it was. After this we got to talking more and more, and she would do random things to interrupt my moments – like stealing my glowing blue mouse and putting it in her jacket with the chord hanging out, making it oh-so-obvious where it was, but I was completely unwilling to reach for it, since earlier she had hit me with a sai on the wrist, which hurts like mad.

Then one day we actually got to talking, and no it wasn’t on the phone or in person. I received a random IM from someone that merely said, “rar!” My first reaction was, quite simply, “who is this?” but I replied, “rar back.” I had figured that it was Elizabeth, but I didn’t know for sure, so I shyly asked her who it was later in the conversation. From that came many more conversations and rides home because she would be at school late, and I don’t like the idea of girls walking home that late through some of the neighborhoods she would have to walk (plus there are bonus points for being a gentleman). Anyway, eventually it led to a point to where we were both sitting on a couch at my dad’s house, which was empty, and then it happened. I kissed her, and that marks the first day that we count as the day that we started dating. The date was December 15, 2006, and ever since that day we’ve been the couple that you’ve all grown to know.


Edwardian Ball LA 2013

Elizabeth Lynn Rakphongphairoj Kilrain • Chinese • Thai • Los Angeles • Bangkok • Santa Barbara • San Diego • international relations • data analysis • web development • design • marketing

elizabeth at koinoniaoflife dot com // (310) 699-6417

She says:

So, as you know, sometime mid-2007 we decided that we were madly in love (or just plain mad!), and we made this commitment before God to spend the rest of our lives together.

I don’t remember exactly when I met Chris. I didn’t get to know him that well for a while, as he was friendly but reserved around me, and I clung to the safety of the friend who had introduced me to this “group” (a bunch of gamer nerds!). Other than sitting around, hanging out, and a few jokes every now and then, we didn’t interact much. Fast forward two months, however, and I was cynical but oddly relieved from a break-up that I had seen coming, but for which I was still unprepared. We had begun to see each other around a bit more, and I’d gotten to know more about him by just seeing his interaction with others. I was amazed that even though he was outgoing in social settings, he still knew how to listen. We could joke, laugh, and talk about the more serious – and the most important things to me – faith, values, our belief in the importance of family, and what we expect out of life.A while later we were together. Things were slow and sweet – I was hesitant and wanted to be sure of his commitment, and I don’t believe in relationships unless I know that it has potential to develop into a lifelong commitment. I explained this to him, and it did not scare him away, and he did not dismiss it as some romantic fancy or play toward my expectations by claiming his undying love for me (to which Iwould have rolled my eyes). Things passed simply and sweetly for a while – he had a busy schedule, and so did I, but he always found time, when he had it, to relax with me. We went out to simple dinners or cooked at his or my house. We ballroom danced together, laughed, came up with funny little expressions and plays on words that only we understood.

I don’t know when he fell in love with me, but I was a little shocked the first time he said it. I did not respond, because they were not words I took lightly, and I wanted to give us both time to know with certainty how we felt. Somehow, I did not doubt him. Another two months later, I knew for certain, and I told him!

The proposal wasn’t as much of a shock. I wanted this man to marry me. I loved the way he encouraged me when I did not believe in myself, when I was depressed, when I was tired, or when I was just plain lazy. He kept me accountable in faith and in action and made sure I fulfilled my responsibilities. We could dance together, laugh together, work through difficulties together. I loved that he loves my mother. He puts my needs and cares up there with his own, and I also wanted to do all I could to encourage him in life. I wanted to be a part of it, to build him up to accomplish everything I know he can.

It’s such a blessing to have come this far together and to be able to share it all with you.